2020 Recap: A Quick List Of Things That Happened In 2020

2020 Recap: What happened this year?

The year 2020 has been challenging and eventful. While the COVID-19 pandemic and the US presidential elections have been stealing the headlines, there were plenty of other events that effected people around the world and while there is still 1 day left in the year, here’s a quick list of everything that has happened in 2020 (so far).

P.S. We have deliberately prepared a quick list and left out all the details/pictures/links in our 2020 recap because, in all seriousness, nobody really wants to revisit everything that happened in 2020… Bring on 2021 (please)!

COVID-19 pandemic resulted in nearly 1.8 million deaths worldwide (and counting) Throughout the year

Australian bushfires – January

Tensions between the United States and Iran January

The impeachment of Donald Trump January/February

Brexit finally happened Throughout the year

The world went into lockdown and ‘social distancing’ was invented March onwards

The stock markets crashed March

Global economic crisis and recession March onwards

PIA plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan May

Black Lives Matter protests across the world May onwards

Puerto Rico earthquakeJune

Locusts swarmed countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East June

Space X sent 2 astronauts to the International Space Station July

Kanye West ran for president Doesn’t matter when

Beirut explosion August

US West Coast wildfires August/September

Monsoon rains caused flooding in parts of Pakistan August/September

US banned TikTok but the ban was later reversed September

Pakistan banned TikTok and PUBG but the bans were later reversed July/October

Donald Trump lost the US presidential elections (i.e. Joe Biden won) November

COVID-19 vaccine starts rolling out December

Prominent deaths in 2020
Below is a list of prominent (not all) celebrity deaths in 2020 in no particular order:
– Kobe Bryant
– Chadwick Boseman
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg
– Alex Trebek
– Diego Maradona
– Sir Sean Connery
– Rocky Johnson
– Irrfan Khan
– Eddie Van Halen
– Rishi Kapoor
– Sushant Singh Rajput
– Tariq Aziz
– Little Richard
– Fred Willard
– Jerry Stiller
– Roy Horn (of Siegfried & Roy)
– Kelly Preston
– Naya Rivera
– Dame Diana Rigg
– Jackie Stallone
– David Prowse

A more detailed list of prominent celebrity deaths is available here.

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