Ed-Watch: Making Growth and Development Easily Accessible for Everyone

Ed-Watch is an up and coming learning, coaching and mental strength platform that aims to provide people and organizations with the resources necessary to succeed. We spoke to Ed-Watch’s founder Sana Quadri to learn more about the platform and what services they currently offer.

Sana is an accounting and finance professional qualified from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan who started Ed-Watch in 2020.

Please tell us a bit about Ed-Watch and what services the company currently offers

Many companies worldwide have been linking profitability with employee performance. It is important that employees be engaged, motivated, and able to consistently perform better for long-term prosperity of the organization. Ed-Watch is a one stop platform catering to the career development needs of everyone, regardless of their profession. We provide services catered to the needs of both the existing pool of workers as well as students preparing to enter the job market.

What made you start Ed-Watch?

Being a finance professional myself for almost one and a half decade, I have always faced difficulty in fulfilling my needs of continuing professional development (CPD). The solutions available were either not comprehensive, not accessible, or too expensive. In addition, there are particular areas that are generally poorly addressed, such as Mental Strength, i.e. the ability of a person to effectively deal with challenges and stressors.

A customized one-stop platform for all development needs, with ease of access to different types of trainings, at one’s convenience, and at an affordable price is rarely available. Experts predict that, in coming years, structured education would be of lesser value than the skills acquired through training and practice. Many of us will lose our traditional jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic is a shocking example where we all need new skills in order to perform better and be in higher-paying jobs while students prepare to meet demands of the new normal ahead. By establishing Ed-Watch and providing a solution to CPD and mental strength needs, we are looking to the future, as new professions emerge and the competition increases.

Ed-Watch provides programs related to three lines of service

What is your ultimate aim for the company?

Our humble beginnings aimed to help people cope with mental health problems during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We provided free online consultations as well as free technical webinars and valuable social discussions over a number of live stream sessions. We are now working with a number of companies for various programs related to our three lines of services and are about to launch our platform for individuals soon Insha’Allah. Our vision is to help people with the evolving needs of their career.

How many clients/customers do you currently have?

We emphasize on quality more than quantity. For the moment, we are mainly catering to corporate clients with specialized Masterclass sessions and online assessments also offered to our individual clients.

What is the one achievement with Ed-Watch that you are most proud of to date?

Ed-Watch started with the vision of one person but the team later expanded, reaching out to the best trainers and other experts who could help us in our mission. In less than a year, we have accomplished a lot and our team comprises of four main functions and more than 50 trainers and coaches. We are collaborating with other institutions also, including Lexicon and Tajarba.pk with the objective to synergize our efforts towards our common goal, human capital development.

Mental health is a taboo topic in Pakistan, given the nature of your services, how does your company expect to tackle the stigma attached to this subject? 

At Ed-Watch, we know that we need to create awareness about the problems that people have traditionally been avoiding and neglecting since a long time. While we have a huge task at hand, I would like to believe that we are doing a decent job through our blogs in English, Urdu and now Arabic language, and other communication via email updates and social media. We have also launched our quarterly e-newsletter. No action that is done with an honest intention and goodwill is useless. Granted that it is a small effort but we will get there eventually… Insha’Allah!

What is the one message that you would give to budding entrepreneurs?

Many people find it “risky” to venture on a project of their own. Well, I have been given this life as a gift and I cherish it every day knowing that I risk dying any time. But isn’t this beautiful life worth taking the risk of living? Nothing great comes without a risk. Success is not in our hands but effort is! So go ahead, take the risk of failing. You might even find a Miracle!

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