Interesting Apps And Website That Can Make Life Easier For Students

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A lot of people believe that students of today’s era have easy access to everything as they have all the needed information within their hands since they can access all the details about any topic simply by browsing on the internet. Though, this is not the reality. If we look at the curriculum of students nowadays, it has become more and more complicated and difficult while on the other hand students have to utilize their resources by thinking in various ways of enhancing their productivity and their motivation.

Fortunately, there are many different websites and applications with the help of which students can improve their abilities and knowledge in terms of planning, writing, managing, and many other aspects of student life.

Following are the different apps and websites that can be used to make student’s life much easier:

GoConqr – The revision app

Technology has achieved such things that we never thought can be possible. One of the revision app GoConqroffers the students with the resource and ability to make revision charts, notes, quizzes, mind maps, and also gives you access to connect and interact with your classmates or friends or other different students around the globe.

BenchPrep – The exam preparation app

The world has gone through such advancement that now there are many apps available for students to prepare for their exams like MCAT, GRE, LSAT and these apps are being used by many universities and schools in the graduation and admission process. BenchPrep is an app that uses social networking style functionality that allows the students to get in touch with other test makers and revision learning material. The app can be used to project the progress of learning.

Another app TCY Exam Prep is also used for exam preparation of business students. Its study resources include GATE exam and bank exams, MBA and CAT tests.

Timetable – The student planner

Planning and organizing is the chief factor that leads any student towards success and prosperity. One of the most popular planner applications is Timetable which is an app with the feature of a clean and sharp interface with which you can set your timetable accordingly. There is also some traditional planner maker which consists of the style like spreadsheets layout they are My Class Schedule for android users and Class Timetable for IOS.

InstaGrok – The graphical search engine

InstaGrok is a website through which you can easily research any topic that you need and you can get a conceptual map in a customized format which can help the student to learn more creatively. In this way, you will easily be able to learn the topic of your interest in visualized manner.

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Grammarly – The language and grammar app

Grammarly can help students to write essays on any topic without any grammatical mistakes. You can make error-free assignments and essays without any effort through this app online. It not only corrects grammatical errors but it also corrects all sorts of spelling mistakes and makes your essay brilliant.

iTunes U – For educational courses

iTunes U is an application through which students can get free access to courses from top most universities like Oxford, Harvard, and MIT. These courses include audio, video, multimedia lectures, and many more. is one of the most essential go-to app/website for any student and it is very helpful. This app does not require an internet connection for searching meanings as it works offline. This dictionary contains more than 2,000,000 words, synonyms, definitions, and kind of tools that are necessary for English knowledge 

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