Is Online Learning A Substitute For Classroom Learning?

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E-Learning can be very convenient because the learner can learn anything anywhere. There is no rush to get to the destination for lessons, students can learn anything; where ever they are, at their own comfort level and along with whatever they are doing. While talking about class room learning we can say that it is a whole planned and managed program with particular schedules. Where students are restricted to take their lessons at certain specific times where they can interact with their teachers and fellow students. In class learning students also compete with each other which gives them motivation.

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Learning is the process which needs proper guidance and a healthy environment. If online learning can be done with good facilities along with the blend of appropriate teachers who tend to engage with students and make them understand with creativity rather than dictating them or putting them under pressure; then online learning has the potential to eliminate classroom learning.

Positive aspect of online learning:

  • Looking at current situation when the whole world is facing pandemic because of COVID-19, it is certainly important to get online education in order to stay healthy and safe.
  • Through e-learning students have a great opportunity that they can earn their own livings which they don’t get chance in classroom learning because of schedule that consumes their whole day, while in e-learning we can study anywhere at any time since one only needs mobile and internet connection.
  • E-learning is less expensive as compared to classroom learning so it is affordable by many of the people who can’t afford much.
  • In online learning, lectures can be recorded and one can repeat it again to understand the topic when they are not able to understand.
  • When students have any doubts about the concept they can contact their teachers easily.
  • Students become well aware about using online programs and computers which is an essential element for present and upcoming generations.

Negative aspects of online learning:

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  • In class room learning doubts can be cleared at the moment and students do not have to wait, while in online learning there can be lots of internet problems, electricity issues and students may not be able to get clear voices of their teachers or they are unable to attend the lectures.
  • In classroom learning students are more active and participating due to which presentation skills are established and students get more confidence while talking face to face.
  • In the classroom, students gain experiences of learning with students having different mind sets, students coming from different backgrounds and different cultures. It helps them to learn how to work in teams and groups.
  • Through classroom learning, teachers can easily identify that which student is shy or hesitant, so that they can get more attention since all this is done because of face expressions and body language.

Yes or No?

E-Learning has its own positive and negative aspects. In my opinion, online learning cannot be a substitute for classroom learning. Classroom learning should be provided at least till graduation but for further studies one can go for online learning. Till graduation it is most essential part of human life to learn and get many new things from their surroundings and from teachers who have great experience. Learning needs experience and no experience is better than field work by indulging themselves into such activities that help them in future and with online learning it is not possible.

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