Membership Pathway Programmes Open as ICMA Pakistan and ACCA Enter Strategic Partnership

ICMA Pakistan and ACCA enter into strategic partnership

Article by: Aniqua Zafar

In March 2020, a historic moment was recorded for two prestigious accounting bodies as they entered into a strategic partnership. The Institute of Cost Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA Pakistan) with its tremendous member base, expertise and professional skill set, has come together with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) which is a truly global body and believes in thinking ahead.

This strategic partnership agreement focuses on the greater collaboration between both accounting bodies and for creating new opportunities for their members, partners and the country. The agreement would encourage both organizations to work together to deliver inclusive, collaborative thinking by glocalizing governance structures, developing new avenues for membership, and benefiting from their combined global and local expertise, experience and scope.

“Today’s world offers a very unique opportunity to ‘work together’, ‘evolve together’ and ‘create together’. But it requires a mindset shift towards purpose driven collaboration to solve regional and global problems.”

Zia ul Mustafa – President, ICMA Pakistan.

“This strategic partnership with ICMA Pakistan is consistent with our mission to be a global leader in the profession by providing opportunity and open access to people of ability wherever they are in the world to support and promote the highest ethical, governance and professional standards, advancing the public interest”, added Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive, ACCA.-PR

“I am confident that this thought leadership shall help Pakistan to build trust, understand the importance of governance and transparency, enhance quality of financial information for decision making, expand tax base, build larger portfolio for export of services, and earn reputation for the professionals in Pakistan.”

As a result of the above strategic alliance, the below membership routes have been opened up for members of the respective accounting bodies:

Membership Pathway Programme for ACCA Fellow Members

Membership Pathway Programme for fellow members of ACCA (FCCAs) was launched providing an opportunity to FCCAs to acquire Associate Membership of ICMA Pakistan (ACMA). FCCAs may apply for ICMA Pakistan membership by completing below mentioned requirements:

  • Successful completion of Membership Pathway Exam (MPE)
  • Successful completion of Legal Module (for practicing license); and
  • Completion and verification of relevant practical experience in the industry or a firm. (Existing experience will count)
  • Application Process (


  • Bridging Exam: PKR59,000 (approx. 268 GBP)
  • Legal Module: PKR14,000 (approx. 64 GBP)
  • Membership Fee: As applicable at the time of membership application

For Eligible ACCA members:

Membership Pathway Programme  by ACCA for FCMAs

Application Process


  • Bridging Exam: GBP285 (includes study material of GBP40)
  • EPSM: GBP65
  • Membership Admission: GBP129
  • Membership Subscription: GBP258

For Eligible ICMA Pakistan Members:

  • Onboarding Email will be sent in third week of August with all application details
  • EPSM Logins, Learning Material and tuition support details will be provided by 15th September 2020
  • First Exam will be on 15th December 2020

Present at the signing ceremony of the strategic partnership were guests of Honour, Faiz ullah Kamoka, Chairman, Standing Committee for Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs, Andleeb Abbas, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Zamir Ahmed, Additional Auditor General of Pakistan. Other important attendees included, Abdul Wasey Khan, Vice President ICMA Pakistan, Ayla Majid FCCA, Council Member, ACCA, Shehzad Ahmed Malik, Council Member, ICMA Pakistan, Ather Saleem, Council Member, ICMA Pakistan, Ghulam Qazi, Council Member, ICMA Pakistan, Aamir Ijaz Khan, Executive Director, ICMA Pakistan, Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA Pakistan, Assad Hameed Khan, Market Head – Business Development, ACCA, Muhammad Shehzad Khan, Chairman – UK Branch Council, ICMA Pakistan, and Javaria Malik, Director Marketing and Communications, ICMA Pakistan.

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